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Out March 14, 2014 on Highwires

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"An absolute classic." - ROCKSOUND

"Holy shit, everyone who likes anything, ranging from THE CURE to THE POLICE to COMMUNIQUE to AFI, needs to get this...I mean it." - AMP

"THE STATIC AGE lets the roots of post-punk and pre-darkwave shine brilliantly." - Outburn

"Flawless." - Big Cheese UK

"Breathtakingly beautiful, masterfully crafted and shockingly sincere." - AbsolutePunk

On March 14th, 2014, The Static Age is set to re-release its critically-acclaimed debut album Neon Nights Electric Lives on Highwires (worldwide). The release will be available digitally as well as on vinyl for the first time.

The album captures the original lineup of the band in its vibrant infancy, as the product of months of writing followed by an intense weeks-long session holed up at Phase in College Park, Maryland with producer Matt Squire. It was originally released at the end of 2004 (and fully distributed in 2005) on Tarantulas Records, and was the direct precursor to the Blank Screens album.

In addition the original seven songs that comprise the album and the two remixes originally released on the CD (care of Jade Puget of AFI and David Walsh of The Explosion/The Loved Ones), the re-release also includes The Past and Now single recorded the year Neon Nights Electric Lives was released with Kurt Ballou at GodCity (and originally released on RedDawn Records), The Blackout single version recorded at Egan Media as a followup to The Static Age's first demos, and a live acoustic version of the album track Amphibian recorded at 100kiloherz in Germany during 2013.

1. Vertigo
2. Amphibian
3. Armory
4. Ghosts
5. Saltsick
6. It Never Seems to Last
7. Canopy

(DIGITAL ONLY -- Code included with vinyl)
8. Airplanes (Vertigo remix by Jade Puget/AFI)
9. Pakistan (Amphibian remix by Dave Walsh/The Explosion & The Loved Ones)
10. The Past And Now (Single -- recorded with Kurt Ballou at GodCity)
11. Monument (B-side -- recorded with Kurt Ballou at GodCity)
12. The Blackout (Single Version -- recorded at Egan Media)
13. Amphibian (Live Acoustic at 100kiloherz in Germany, 2013)

The Static Age

Emerging from the idealistic side of punk rock and inspired by the last 30 years of alternative music, The Static Age has evolved into something wholly its own. Equally at home with angular distortion and layered atmosphere, the band is creating an emotionally resonant, critically acclaimed and ever-evolving collection of songs that owes as much to its origin in the wide expanse of the Vermont wilderness as it does to a blurring of the line between early post punk and intelligent pop.

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